Monday, 12 October 2009

Thanksgiving Sonnet

This poem will sit at fourteen lines long.
Perfected by Shakespeare, however my
Iambic-pentameter isn't strong.
Lines are ten syllables, thought I should try
My hand at a Sonnet. The rhyming scheme
Is beyond specific but I will keep
Writing these poems as if in a dream.
Wait that's a lie, shouldn't get in too deep,
This is the last poem. Holiday's done.
My plane leaves tomorrow, so much to do.
I'll miss Halifax as it is such fun.
But I need to get back, school work is due
Soon. Don't worry it is still on my mind,
Happy Thanksgiving, now back to the grind!!


Deborah said...

you're very wonder Anne likes you.

Christine Sweeton said...

Thank you Anne's Mom!