Friday, 16 October 2009


The attack squadron was now in orbit over Skylon-4. This would mean that Toby would be quiet for at least 15 minutes. Carol went into the living room, away from the TV. “Bless television,” she thought. “Bless bad children’s shows selling toys, candy, and fast food chains to my captivated 4 year old. Bless animated aliens and their annoying ramblings on Skylon-4.” Carol closed her eyes slowly as she sunk into the quiet comfort of the overstuffed designer couch. She tried to ignore the nagging voice in her head that reminding her that years ago she hadn’t even wanted a TV in the house while she was raising her kids.
A Fiction Workshop Jump Start: "The attack squadron was now in orbit over Skylon-4…"


Hezabelle said...

I like this because I think it's completely different from what most people would've written..

Anonymous said...


Annz said...

This short piece captured my imagination straight away and I had a little dream time!
Awesome work Chris!