Friday, 16 October 2009

Fiction Workshop Writing

I haven’t wanted to put any of my Fiction Workshop writing on Always Standing since I didn’t feel that the blog posts of my short story went over very well. However, most of the stuff I’m doing in class is very short. We call them ‘Jump Starts,’ the instructor gives us a topic or starting sentence and the class just writes for 10 minutes or so. I really enjoy it, it is the most pressure free way to write. The story doesn’t have to be anything or go any where; there is no planned purpose of it other than to just spend 10 minutes writing. It is great! I guess this is similar to the One Minute Writer that Steph always does on her blog. I rarely finish a story during these exercises and sometimes it comes to a clean little end. Since they are small I think I will start posting some of them occasionally.

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Deborah said...

Please do! I'll be reading them. And what makes you think your short stories didn't go over well? For heaven's sake, don't let that stop you from publishing!