Sunday, 25 October 2009

Laughed Until I Cried

The greatest nights are when I stay up laughing and talking with friends. A recent evening that comes to mind is "The Night of The Worst Case Scenario Game" with Erin and Jenn. I found these The Worst Case Scenario cards somewhere and they had been kicking around Die Höhle for a while, I kept meaning to send them to my brother as part of a care package. I think they are meant to be part of a bigger game or something but I just had the cards. Bored one night, Jenn, Erin, and I decided to make it into our own game. Just reading them aloud to one another and guessing the right answer. The cards were very strange and we laughed a lot at their strange obsession with hotel rooms and gift giving in foreign countries. The cards are all set up the same. The top has a real life situation like "How to dress a puncture wound" or "How to tell if your phone has been taped". Then the card has three options, A, B, or C. The back of the card gives the correct answer but sadly no explanation why. What brought us to hysterics was a card we came across near the end. In a sea of believable situations related to espionage, survival in the wild, or medical emergencies this one just seems hilariously surreal;
How To Attack An Alien
A) Go for the eyes. It will be the only sensitive area you can readily identify.
B) Never, ever attack an alien. Most cases of alien abduction have been harmless information gathering exercises.
C) Jump up and down and act erratically to distract the alien. Then punch it in the mouth and run.
It was Jenn's turn and some how she got it right, option A. The fact she knew the right answer and agreed with the explanation the eyes would be an identifiable sensitive area was both amusing and a little unsettling. I thought the phrase "punch it in the mouth" when referring to an alien was too funny for words. And, we all thought that option B was a frightening notion. We laughed for ages about this. Every now and then I remember it and still giggle.
Note: Photo by Erin Armstrong-Hivale and this story was originally posted on her blog (see link on Right)


Erin said...

Haha! No, I don't mind, I love this story. And yes, these are some of my favorite nights too!

JJ said...

At least you are learning useful skills in your off time.