Monday, 28 September 2009

Weak Ankles

I twisted my ankle yesterday. I stumbled off a curb, randomly, for no reason. (And, before you ask, I was sober.) It is the opposite ankle as the one that I sprained a number of years ago. The sprained one is super ugly now, I call it 'The Hoof' since it is noticeably different and larger than the other. Now the other is a bit messed up too. It hurts when I twist it certain ways. I guess I should have slept with it elevated, or something. I'm going running tonight and am going to have to take it easy when I do.

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Anonymous said...

Probably shouldn't run but I understand once you've scheduled it you want to follow through so run very carefully and slowly and support the ankle while you are running, best would be an elastic bandage. Elevating after is also a good idea as is ice on it.