Saturday, 26 September 2009

Great Link

Jerrica and I have a new roommate, Lindz. She signed the lease with us back in May but went home for the summer and we had a boy subletter for a while. Now she is back for school and it is nice to have a Girl House again. When at home, Lindz works at Walmart. Right now her family is actually living in The States, so she works at an American Walmart. She showed me People of Walmart and has shared some good stories about her times working there. (Did you know they ID kids for Spray Paint, White Out and Sharpies? Yes, the markers. They have to be 16 or 18 or something to buy them. Crazy! I don't think we do that here. I'm pretty sure that poor little 13 year old Suzy is welcome to buy a black permanent market for her school project.) Anyway, People of Walmart is a great site, super funny!! Don't get me wrong I love the store, especially since the one in Ottawa went 24 Hours all year round. But I still like to laugh at pictures of trashy people; who are found in Walmarts in Canada as well as the US. Enjoy!

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Hezabelle said...

haha I love that site, I've been addicted for a while.