Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Douche Factor

The concept of 'The Douche', short for 'Douchebag' has come up previously in Always Standing. It seems that this type of guy isn't going anywhere anytime soon and summer is definitely their season. Dave has developed a very amusing Douche Factor which is calculated by taking the number of windows (including sunroof) that are open in a guys car (who is of course blasting annoying music) and subtracting the number of people in the vehicle. Basically this means that you should really only have as many windows open as you have people driving with you, if you are alone you should only have your drivers side window down. If a guy driving alone has all four windows open that would give him a Douche Factor: 3. Ottawa Erin and I think this is a hilarious system and want to expand on it to play as a bar game. I will keep you posted as the rules develop, meanwhile here is a good video on the subject by Barats And Bereta.


Hezabelle said...

I always have two windows open in my car and my music is loud. Am I a douche (douchette?)

Kristen said...

Oh my god, lol. Awesome. What we have to throw into the douche-factor debate, is the fact that there are varying types of doucheness. There is the car window/music/white gangsta douche and than there is the geeky douche... let's not forget 'jeopardy' douches.

P.S. I also have two car windows open when I drive, other wise my ears pop, am I douche or just a geek?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA I just watched the video: CHAD!!!! HE CHANGED HIS NAME TO CHAD!!!! I KNEW The Chad at work was a douche!!!!!