Monday, 20 July 2009

Academic Drinking Game

I have noticed in my English classes that people use the same annoying starter for their comments. I think this stems from the fact that we are no longer answering simple questions. We still have to raise our hands for the most part because the classes are so big but usually we are providing some idea or insight about the text being studied and not just answering a simple question with a short or one word response. Now, in the higher levels of university, the questions are very open and vague "Any ideas on..." or "What do you think about..." Obviously, a lot of answers to that type of question start with "I think..." However, most of the time students, and sometimes even the professor, use "It is interesting that..." There are a few variations; "I find it interesting...." "Interestingly...." "An interesting thing about...." the differences, as you can see, are subtle. It isn't a bad way to start a sentence where the person is then going to point out some connection, deeper meaning, idea, etc. but it has become so repetitive in my classes that it now often bothers me. I no longer use it, I just say my point, sometimes saying "I agree...." or "I think...." first but not usually. The 'interesting' thing can be used as a drinking game. Though probably a bad idea to drink in class, but a sip every time someone used the word would be pretty fun and get you drunk pretty quickly!

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