Sunday, 13 May 2018

No Enough Of My Mother

After spending the last few months in Spain, and now visiting Mike, Aimee, Avery, and Maya in Edmonton for a few weeks, it seems like I haven't see Mom much since our Africa trip in January. I wanted to make a Mother's Day post and went looking for a photo on my computer - I only have the shots from Africa, and I didn't take many of people. I understand the thrill of the animals and wanting all the amazing pictures of them, but it is sad that I don't have many of us - the time spent together with friends and family is really important and I am just not documenting it as much as I should. (See photo on right that I got - Mom taking photos at Blyde River Canyon.)

So, Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you and I miss you, and I am so glad we got to spend our first big visit to Africa together. In honour of that, here are some baby/parent pictures from that trip.

Unless noted, photos are taken by me (and not edited) please click to see larger. All from our trip in January 2018:

Parents and Baby African Penguins
The young ones are fuzzy, not as cute as expected, 
fully grown is adorable though.

 Two Little Dassies with Their Mommy
Cute rodent thing found on Table Mountain, closest relative is an elephant.

 Baby Baboon Runs to the Grown Ups (By Jason)
It was estimated that this little guy was only a couple of days old, so tiny.

 Young Impala Nursing (By Jason)
They very violently nursed! 
It did not look pleasant, the mothers were not pleased.

 Mother Peacock Watches Over Her Baby (By Jason)
Never seen a baby peacock before, 
there were a bunch, very interesting and quite cute.

 A Wee Elephant Stays Close For Protection
The baby elephants were the best, most large herds had at least one.

 A Zebra Foal (By Jason)
My Mom has better shots on her blog, he stayed close to his mom.

 Two Tiny Black Velvet Monkeys and Their Mother
These were 'my monkeys' because I often saw them from the bus 
and no one believed me.

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