Wednesday, 11 April 2018

How Hard? Boston Hard

Both the CBC and Toronto Star ran articles recently talking about how hard it was for the public to buy tickets to see the Leafs play in the upcoming first round of playoffs. It was counting the one hundred or so seats that were offered to the Leafs Nation fan club, which is free for anyone to sign-up for,as part of the presale and not the general public. But even with Jason's access to tickets through the fan club the prices were insane, the options limited, and everything sold out almost immediately.

On Monday night we somehow we ended up looking at tickets in Boston, for Saturday's game. The ticket prices were comparable to regular season in Toronto (which is still expensive) and the selection left was varied. We messaged Kristen and Noah. In a rush of hockey excitement the four of us planned a road trip, got 4 seats together, and are off to see the Leafs take on the Bruins at the TD Garden on Saturday.

No one is taking time off work, just leaving as soon as we can Friday evening and heading for Albany to spend the night. A short drive from there to Boston in the morning will give us the day to explore the city, which I visited with Teri a few years ago. The game is at 8pm and we have a hotel booked for Saturday night. Then the eight and a half hour drive home all in one go on Sunday to get back to Toronto for some rest before work on Monday.

Let's hope they win - Go Leafs Go!

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Sweeton said...

How exciting, I smiled just reading this post. I could, imagine the "flurry of hockey excitement". Have a great time, wear the blue and white proudly and cheer loudly!