Sunday, 11 March 2018

A 12-Year-Old Shopping

We pulled out chicken from the freezer this morning to make for dinner tonight. We tend to do this without really thinking about what we were are planning to do. Part way through the day we realized we were feeling lazy and uninspired - but had onions and peppers! We decided on fajitas and while we normally have a kit or two as back-up, there was a chance we were out. Jason mentioned that if we didn't have it he would run out and pick one up at some point.

The day continued, and eventually I had a short nap. Later I was woken up by Jason saying that dinner was ready. While eating dinner I asked if he had needed to go pick up a kit, and if he had gone while I was sleeping. I am always so amazed and how much happens around my while I am sleeping. Such a deep sleeper, nothing seems to wake me up. He said he had gone and I asked if he had also gotten more Cadbury Mini Eggs, which I had asked for earlier. He said, "Yes, among other things."

I was confused. We hadn't really needed anything else so I asked what else he had picked up. Sheepishly he replayed, "Salami, chips, and sour keys. It is like a 12 year-old went shopping." Yes, fajita kit, lunch meat, sour keys, chips, and a $16-bag of mini eggs - that is not an adult's grocery list.

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Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like my kind of shopping trip! Yummy

- Teri