Thursday, 8 February 2018

Custom Door Means Tiny Fridge

One of the things we did in the basement renovation last year was install a new exterior side-door. It ended up being a fairly costly element of the project because it had to be made to custom dimensions. (Blurry night-time photo of the new door.)

At the moment, we are further upgrading the basement space and even though the kitchen is already very nice, we decided to improve it more by getting a new fridge. When Jason went to research, it turns out we had almost trapped the old fridge, and severely restricted our new fridge choices, with our custom door. After Jason took the old fridge apart into as many pieces as possible, the delivery people were able to squeeze it out - we currently have no railing on the inside portion of the stairs. If we hadn't gotten it out before we rebuilt the railing we would have had a big problem.

The new fridge is so small! It is probably about the size of the one we had at Rrunuv Bayit, so I guess it is appropriate for an apartment.

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