Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Staying On The Bucket List

We had a great time at the shark diving. The cage is attached to the side of the boat and the swells at our anchor spot made it feel like a water rollercoaster when inside. The water was very warm (over 19). I got to be a "double diver" and spent a lot of time in the cage.

All the other participates from our tour, and just over half of the boat got sea sick. Luckily Kristen, Noah, Jason, and I were spared, probably because we took Gravol the night before and right before boarding the boat.

We didn't end up seeing any Great White Sharks, but six Copper Sharks stayed around the whole time and they were beautiful to watch. It was very cool to see them under water and even when watching from the surface it was captivating.

Seeing a Great White in the wild is still something that I would really like to do. I guess we will have to come back!

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