Tuesday, 2 January 2018

He's Basically Ansel Adams

Looking through the photos from Iceland that we took with the 'good' camera (our recently purchased, mirrorless Fujifilm X-T20.) Jason and I try to figure out which of us took which ones. We figure out pretty quickly that the first one was taken by Jason, and he starts admiring it:

Jason: This is why we paid the money to get a nice camera - great shot. The parking lot against those mountains. I really knocked it out of the park here - it is obviously a commentary on the invasion of man into nature, the comparison of rock against machine. The cars, the snow. So good.

Photographic Masterpiece
Taken by Jason, with the Fujifilm
Iceland, 2017

I am sure National Geographic will be calling any minute now. (Though he has a level horizon, so can I really judge?) 

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Sweeton said...

In England this is called "taking the Mickey", a kind of sarcasm. Don't you stand for it Jason. Geat shot with deep artistic value!