Thursday, 7 December 2017

56 Hours In Iceland - Rushing To Take Off

I surprised Jason for his birthday with a quick trip to Iceland. (And I mean, quick, we are in the country for just 2 nights, a total of 56 hours.) This has been the biggest surprise yet, in terms of distance for sure, and it included a flight etc.

My plan to create an elaborate Game of Thrones themed story to build to the surprise reveal didn't end up happening because I was busy with work. I ended up telling him the night before our 6pm Thursday red-eye flight. This way he could help with packing in the morning while I had a meeting at the office.

As usual we were rushed heading to the airport, which I find exciting and Jason finds nerve-wracking. Even with all his panic we were almost an hour and a half early to the gate, ridiculously early in my mind.


Sweeton said...

I'm with Jason on that,can't relax until i'm at the gate said...

Also an early arriver. But I love people watching and plane watching, so it's always in my favour.