Friday, 24 November 2017

My Blooming Green Thumb

My tree flowered!?! Quite a few years ago, I got a tropical tree from Jason's apartment building while he was moving out - it was sitting in a basement hallway with a sign that literally read Free Tree. I added it to my fairly extensive indoor plant collection. I am pretty good at keeping indoor (non-flowering) plants alive. 

A couple of days ago, Jason and I came home to a sickly sweet smell in the house, which we couldn't figure out until I noticed the tree had grown flowers! I couldn't believe it. Even though the smell was very gross, I was so impressed I didn't want to get ride of them. Finally I ended up cutting them off because we couldn't take the smell, but I am pretty proud of myself for getting a tree to make flowers.


Sweeton said...

Wow, thats awesome. I have never seen a 9lant like that in bloom, didn't even know they did that.

Cyndy said...

It’s a corn plant - a lot of people love the smell - it usually blooms in May-