Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Stripper Name

Saw this on Facebook this morning....

What is your Stripper Name?
colour of your underwear +
last thing you ate...

So, mine is White Coke, which is the perfect stripper name!! I hadn't heard this one before and it is pretty good. I knew the porn star name was -- Your first pet + The street you grew up on -- which for me is Sally St. Andrew, also awesome. Love that they all work out. What is yours?

A note on the fact that the last thing I ate was Coke Zero, I was able to leave caffeine for just over a week thanks to a big bottle of Caffeine-Free Diet Coke that Noah brought to The Cottage on Labour Day weekend. I used it to ween myself off the need for Chai Lattes, Coke Zero, and even in a pinch I will have a coffee - at least once, sometimes twice, a day. I held strong for over a week but one bad night of sleep drove me right back to it.


Sweeton said...

Nobody would throw money on stage based on my name: "Beige Ice Cream Bar".

Anonymous said...

Ok ok...ready? Purple Wonderbar. You know yoy want a lap dance.


Anonymous said...

Plaid goldfish crackers . . . such a "mom" stripper name. Oh well, I can be the stripper that makes sure all the other strippers have snacks and bandaids in the club.

Love, T.

Anonymous said...

Burgundy ribs hahaha