Monday, 17 April 2017

Photos For My Favourite Day - Monday In The Azores

I didn't know how excited I was to swim in the ocean or how much I have started to enjoy hiking on holidays but today was so much fun, I think it has been my favourite so far. Let me detail our activities using photos (unless otherwise stated, all pictures were taken by Jason.)

We drove to the south-west coast 
to go swimming in the ocean at Ponta da Ferraria.
The cliffs are steep, would our little car make it?

Of course it would!
The switch-backs helped of course.
That truck is not ours, we rented a little car.

The jagged lava rocks make for an eerie looking coastline.
But this is the best place to swim in the ocean 
when the weather is a bit cool out.

Because these natural pools are fed by a hot spring.
At low tide the ocean is 28 C in this spot.

These pools have been used since the fifteenth century.
History was onto something, we enjoyed a nice swim.

Then we went for a hike at nearby Sete Cidades.
We set off to get to the lookout point for the 'twin lakes'
wanting to see the iconic crater formation.

The walk started off taking us pass an aqueduct.
(Which I could find no information about,
obviously it killed me to have no facts on this!)

About half way through we noticed
fog had started to roll in.

Was it going to be worth the climb
if we couldn't see anything? 

Because it really was a climb!
It was another hike with a big elevation gain,
almost 200m again, in a short period of time.

But we stuck it out, worked up a sweat,
and reached the top. (Hydrate!)
It was an enjoyable walk, no one else was around.

But at the top instead of seeing this:
Photo from a travel site.
Iconic image of the Azores,
seen a million times while researching the trip.

We had this view:

Still, it was a wonderful day!

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Sweeton said...

What a lovely day! Pity about the fog. I loved the photos. I can see why you think I should visit.