Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Two Domains For Always Standing

I never noticed but I think that Always Standing is officially a 'Dot C.A.', or Canadian domain. I always tell people to just Google it (since it tends to show up early in the search results) or refer to the web address with a '.com'. But, I just noticed that when I was typing it out with the '.com' at the end it flipped to '.ca' so I have both domains!

Answer in the Comments:
How do you get here; Google, bookmark, typing it in, other? 
What country code is at the end of the address in your browser?


Jason Woods said...

I get here by typing "alwa" and then auto-complete takes over. End up at hte .ca domain.

Sweeton said...

My blog seems to take on the ending of the country I am filing it from. Right now it ends .es

Anonymous said...

Bookmark in my links bar or Google when on phone

- Teri

Anonymous said...


Love, T