Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Shepherd's Wedding Cake

Pulled out a tupperware of what I thought was Shepherd's Pie from the freezer this morning so that it would be thawed to eat for dinner. I haven't really made shepherd's pie in a very very long time so I don't know why we would have it, but I thought it might have been put there by my mom.

Got home this evening ready to split it between Jason and I and warm in the microwave. When I opened the container I noticed that the 'mashed potatoes' at the top was in a beautiful rose pattern and realized that we had defrosted the top portion of our wedding cake eight months early. Oops!

I cut off a small part and put it in a labelled container to keep until our one year wedding anniversary in September - we will eat the rest for dessert tonight.

Note: Meg, Jason's sister, made our beautiful cake. Rich carrot cake with delicious cream cheese icing. Photo by Stephanie Beach Photography.

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Meghan van Asseldonk said...

This post made me laugh until it hurt. Hope it was still good!