Monday, 21 November 2016

Xmas List 2016

- Litter scoop
- Litter deodorizer
- Greenies Dental Cat Treats
- String

- Gift cards: Starbucks, Chapters, Michaels
- Tassimo: Tetley Chai Tea Latte
- Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It
- Telestrations: After Dark board game
- Lavender and Basil seeds or seedlings
- Ear buds with small case for travelling
- Electric toothbrush
- Epsom salts
- Soap and Glory: Flake Away
- Bowel Buddy Original Cookies
- Canned corn
- Martin's Apple Chips!!!
- Healthy slowcooker recipe book

- Gift cards: XBox Live, Amazon (for Kindle Books), MEC
- Tassimo: McCafe Coffee
- Socks for biking
- Bike repair tools (Chain tool)
- Sour candy
- The Great Scrape wooden BBQ Grill Scraper
- De-weeding Tool
- Coke in glass bottles
- T-shirts (Medium)
- One Night Ultimate Werewolf board game

Joint (Jason and I)
- Gift cards: Home Depot, IKEA, Homesense, Canadian Tire
- Cast iron frying pan
- Non-stick frying pan(s)
- Wooden kitchen/cooking spoons
- Black and Decker 20V Max 1.5Ah Lithium Ion Battery
- Point and Shoot Camera
- Small fireproof safe
- Stainless steel appliance cleaner 
- Cleaner for glass top stove
- White/Burgundy tea cloths 


Sweeton said...

Good list Chris, though you always put out a good Christmas list. Thanks

Heather Montgomery said...