Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Seriously The Comments Guys

I guess it is the time of the year that I put out a pleading post for more comments. My mom has given a couple lately, and Heather comment on my last post, but in general it has been pretty silent.

And I have had some good posts lately:
- A trip to the emergency room
- First little look at our wedding photos
- Stuff about my Dad
- A Funny video
- Two's awesome Instagram
- A fun internet quiz, normally people would share their results in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I've just got caught up on your blog and YOU NEED SURGERY?? I was expecting to catch up on adorable cat photos and posts about your dad.. not "hey doctor's are going to cut me open soon." Gall stones (extra points for the punny title by the way) sound terrible. Lochlan wants to say that he hopes the doctor fixes you soon :)

Love T

Anonymous said...

Sorry I've been reading it but not commenting due to a certain time consuming human thats taken over our house. What's the update on the surgery btw?