Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Basement Before & After - NE Corner

I have already done a post about our new electrical panel. I thought I would start the series of Basement Before & After posts with the finished photo of the panel box to show how we decorated that corner and covered the cupboard.

Casa Verde Basement - North-East Corner
Mid-Reno to Contractor Finished to Final Completion

Before our tenant moved in, Jason and I took lots of photos of the finished space. We were careful to recreate the same positioning as when we first went through the basement during our house inspection. A huge amount of time, energy, and money has gone into making the space better, we had so much help from family and friends. We brought in electricians and got a contractor to renovate the basement, that is a separate post - he was amazing! However, Jason and I gathered friends and family to do the demolition ourselves, all the painting afterwards, and installed some of the baseboards. It has been a colossal effort and we are very thankful to those who lent a hand - right from the first day.

I am going to start posting all the basement before and after shots on Always Standing over the coming few weeks so stay tuned!

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Sweeton said...

That mirror looks great. Next to the window like that it should also bring more light in. I am looking forward to seeing the other completed pictures as I haven't seen it since it was just half painted.