Thursday, 2 June 2016

I Grew Things

I bought some bulbs at No Frills last fall and planted them beside the little front porch at Rrunuv Bayit. I think I actually used a spoon to dig the holes to push the bulbs down into. I liked the photo of the flowers on the front of the bag and I think there were 5 bulbs for $1. They are big purple balls on top of one long thick stalk that looks like something that would be on a far away planet or in a fairy's garden. 

I had seen them starting to grow before we moved over to Casa Verde and I was sad that I wouldn't get to see them flower. I stopped by the old apartment a couple of days ago and they looked so good, I can't believe I did something so simple that turned into something so magical! I am definitely going to do a lot of gardening with bulbs at the new place.

Allium In The Garden
Spring 2016 - Rrunuv Bayitt, Toronto
Photo by ME with my phone

I looked them up and it turns out they from the family of plants called Allium, which is the same as onions, leeks, etc. I can totally see that, they do remind me of a massive version of the flowers that chives get. I also want to plant lots of chive plants at the new place, not only are they delicious but so pretty!

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Sweeton said...

They would look very pretty in the spring, peeking up above the rampant green and white ground cover.