Friday, 24 June 2016

Damn You Bob Barker

The house next door sold this week. We saw the SOLD sign go up and immediately started guessing what it had gone for. We knew that it had been listed sometime in May at $599,900. Jason was pretty sure that it been sold for around $575,000 since it was priced quite high and hadn't sold right away.

I didn't think our neighbours were in a rush to sell so would wait to get something close to what they had listed as asking. We made a bet with "Price Is Right Rules" and I decided that the buyers would need to have offered at least $585,000 to get the house, any lower than that would be too big of a discount off of the list price.

We get a daily email that provides all the GTA real estate sold data. It is interesting to keep on top of the market and also the houses have all sold so there is not hoping and falling in love with options, just research. When the listing update came through on the house next door it confirmed that it had sat on the market for a long time (by Toronto standards.) They didn't put a sign in their yard right away but it was officially for sale for 29 days. It sold for $584,000.

So Jason won, even though I feel like I was right, the annoying Bob Barker technicality that helps eliminate closest-to comparison math - screwed me.

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