Saturday, 4 June 2016

Another Cat On Caturday

While Jason and I were in Edmonton last month, Teri and Greg looked after Two for us. I like getting updates from them and here is a photo Teri sent me of Two with the caption, "Jealous of the hot calendar kittens." Dead on, that is exactly what her face is saying!!
"Vat iz dis vilth?"
Two and the Calendar - May 2016
Photo by Teri

This is what Two is probably saying in this moment. Note that she is addressing Greg (Grrek), while Two really likes Teri (Zheri), she still tends to love men a bit more: "Grrek, vat iz dis? Vi do yew rreeed zuch terrible sings? Voo iz she? Em I not enough vor you? You ave urt me, ow can oododis to me? Iz hate you!"

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