Monday, 25 April 2016

Not As Pretty, But Practical

Our electrical upgrades were completed last week. We used Falstaff Electrical and got a lot of stuff done. They did an amazing job, responded well to our requests, and even though it was a massive amount of money we were happy with the price, as we had anticipated much higher.

I asked to have a separate line for a future hot tub run out to the back yard. I don't think we will ever even get a hot tub but it wasn't a lot of money to prep the extra electrical and having that option adds value to the property. After the electricians completed the request they actually wrote future hot tub on the enclosed circuit box, which was really cute and feels a bit like a long-long-long-term backyard goal now.

Moving the electrical panel, getting a new one, and upgrading the service to 200amp doesn't seem like the most interesting of home improvements but I actually am quite excited about it. The electrical at Casa Verde was terrifying before. Seriously, nothing was to code, in fact some things were so far from code our house inspector would just look at them and say, "Nope."

In the before photo above you can see the the door to access the panel is quite small, which meant that most of the old 100amp panel was hidden behind the wall and not accessible. It was also located above the stove. In contrast to that disaster, the improved panel is pretty awesome!

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