Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Who Even Are You?

Jason started a new job yesterday. He came home with a MacBookPro and is going to be getting a new iPhone as well. I couldn't believe it! I knew that if he stayed with his previous job his plan was to change his equipment at the next upgrade over to Apple products, but I think part of me thought he was joking.

How can a computer programmer want a Mac? Maybe he doesn't spend a lot of time in Excel, using spreadsheets is way easier on PCs, I don't like the Apple version at all, even the Microsoft releases for Macs is bad.

I guess I have never really ranted against Apple products on Always Standing before. Just some quick mentions that they are difficult to get used to and leave me feeling lost. I don't really like Apple as a company or its products. (Even though I once raved about an iPad - that was before I had seen other tablets.) I don't have time to get into it right now but I am a PC girl to the end!

Also, I gather that the woman who narrates the new iPhone (iPhone 6s) commercials sounds like me, especially the one about the moving photos feature. Check it out HERE and let me know.


Anonymous said...

I don't hear it...she doesn't sound like you at all.

I am also not a fan of Apple products, hope to never buy one again.

- Teri

Anonymous said...

To be clear - I have not bought an Apple product (Well, since the iPod).

I chose a Mac laptop rather than a dell since it is more Linux-like (it has a good terminal) and seems to be the main supported development platform at Salesforce. Also, it is shiny.

I chose an iPhone 6S Plus because
a) I wanted a larger phone
b) I wanted a free phone and free plan (bye Wind!)
c) IT said that they had much less control/insight into what is on your iPhone than with Android. They can see everything with Android.
d) The android phone option was Galaxy 6. No thanks - I'm done with Samsung.