Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Office Sneak Peek

This past weekend Aunty Nicky and Uncle Dabo came into Toronto to help Jason and I with Casa Verde (Jason's dad, David, also stopped by as well.) Keep coming back to Always Standing for some fun before and after images of our renovations, especially since, with having the amazing help over Easter, we have really moved ahead in a lot of areas.

In connection with this 'sneak peek' photo, I want to thank Aunty Nicky for:
- inspiring my idea for the office (she did a similar thing in Kev's room when he was younger)
- understanding my vision as I described it
- being positive, supportive and excited about our house and reno projects
- providing helpful suggestions about colour placement, angles, style, etc
- helping paint for hours upon hours over the weekend (including doing two coats on the bitch of a built in desk)
- gifting Jason and I with great painting tools, and a chalk line
- guiding me on the use of said chalk line
- assisting in perfectly creating something a little bit special for what was previously a pretty beat up and uninspiring room
Thank you so much Aunty Nicky!! I love it (and you.) 

There is still some trim to install and paint, along with a few other final touches, I will do a proper 'before and after' for this room when it is totally done.

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Sweeton said...

I love it. Can't wait to see it in person.