Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Get Your Crucifix Out Of My Pocket

I cannot believe that the Ontario Provincial Government is still funding a Catholic School Board. (I also think it is amazing that the Lord's Prayer was read in my public school growing up.)

 I read a good piece about this in yesterday's Metro newspaper. I agree with everything that Samantha Emann says, including:

"Publicly funded Catholic schools are unfair to Canada’s many other religious groups and cultures. Funding all religious schools equally would be a logistical nightmare, and in my view, public services should be affirmatively secular." 

"Some Catholic schools’ boards, trustees, teachers and advising clergy have a record of discriminatory, socially regressive efforts to hinder advances made in the interest of student safety and learning."

I hadn't even thought about the cost factor, of course it is more expensive to have both and merging them could save tax payer money. As a tax payer I am angered that my money is going to provide teaching in the Catholic faith but not other religions. It needs to be an all or nothing situation. Apparently British Colombia funds different denominations. I can see that while option would be logistically challenging, at least it is fair. The current system is not fair.

In terms of dismantling it, which I hope happens sooner rather than later, if the percentages listed in the article are correct there isn't strong enough opposition at this time. Yes 51% wanting to end the public funding for Catholic schools is technically a majority but only barely. Also, 38% wanting to continue it is really powerful, and needs to be listened to. I guess it isn't time yet.

I do see one advantage to having the publicly funded Catholic School Board in Ontario - I will post about that tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Also the United Nations condemned it! I ranted to my class about it recently. Less "rants" but definitely opinionated.