Sunday, 20 March 2016

Down, I Tell Ya

The walls are down, I repeat, the walls are down!

It has taken 19 days from the first point of demo to the shop vac today, but I can officially say that the basement at Casa Verde has now been gutted. Check out the progression in the bedroom, from our inspection day to this afternoon's final clear out.
Basement Bedroom
South-West Corner, Lower Level, Casa Verde

Thank you to our friends and family members who have been so supportive with the purchase and renovations of Casa Verde. The many helping hands are so very very appreciated!! This is just the beginning.


Sweeton said...

That was a lot of hard physical work. Well done. Looking forward to seeing the progression to completion pictures too.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love demo! Destruction is so much fun. Putting it back together again is a lot of work (worth it!). Can't wait to see it.
Love t