Saturday, 12 March 2016

Casa Verde Colours - Living and Dining

The plan for the the Living and Dining Rooms will be the reverse of what is depicted in the photo above. This colour visualization suggests that the living room with be the red colour but that won't be the case at Casa Verde - I wanted to show that it will just be a hint in the distance so the photo worked better in reverse.

The living room at the front of the house will be painted the creamy pale brown (yes, I know that is basically beige) called Chai. Two walls in the Dining Room have a plate rail (a shelf/moulding that runs horizontally along the wall up high - about 2 feet from the crown moulding/ceiling.) The walls without the chair rail, and the space below the chair rail will also be the Chai colour. The smaller wall portion above the rail will feature the red. This will tie the room nicely to the kitchen that also uses that colour as an accent.

The trim for both rooms will be the pale off-white that is the main colour in the kitchen. It is called Worth Your Salt and looks quite dark as a 'paint chip' in the bottom right corner of the image above. However, it shows up as a white in the depiction of the room next to the Chai walls. The physical paint chip shows that it is might lighter as well. Computers aren't the best when it comes to showing colour but I really loved using the Colour Visualizer tool.

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