Monday, 28 March 2016


I caught mild flu (really just a low-level fever and the aches and pains that go with that) which I have been battling since Wednesday. We are also working on the house a lot at the moment. So for these reasons I haven't posted for a while.

I didn't go AWOL (a-wall) since that stands for Absent WithOut Leave, and because I run Always Standing, I gave myself leave from it. I realized that for the past few years I have been saying A.O.L. for this concept, but that isn't right! No one says A.W.O.L., they make it a word/phrase A Wall. Also, AOL is nothing, it is just an old internet company America OnLine.

AFK is from the gaming/chat world and stands for Away From Keyboard. Jason and I have been watching The Guild on Netflix right now, so that is where the gaming short hand is coming from.

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