Monday, 8 February 2016

What I Do And Where

I haven't talking about my job in a while and my company just launched a new website that I thought I would share. I am part of the four-person marketing team at FORREC, where we focus on on promoting the company. My title as Marketing Events Coordinator means that I mainly work on logistics and planning for our attendance at industry tradeshows.

I really love internal and corporate communications, but the business-to-businesses (B2B) marketing that I am now focused on is my second love, and definitely my preferred form of marketing. However, since we aren't working at bringing brand recognition to the 'consumer' or general public, few people even know that this world renown entertainment design company exists in Toronto.

This company that I do marketing for is incredible and I am surrounded by the most amazing talent. I am in constant awe of the creation that is occurring around me every day. Check out the company and the projects we work on at FORREC.COM, our recently redesigned website.

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Sweeton said...

Great website. Colourful, not too wordy.