Monday, 15 February 2016

Wedding Bands

Jason and I decided to make our wedding bands at a workshop run by a local jewelry boutique - The Devil's Workshop. The course is the same cost for each couple and then depending on the ring design and choice of metal the material costs differ. We picked silver for a whopping $27 in materials and have a flat/rectangle design. Here is a series of photos I took that details a bit of the 6 hour process:

We decided to make our own rings (instead of each others.)
Here is my work desk all set up and ready to go.

And I ran into trouble almost right away!
I asked Jason to come over and help me cut the silver to length.
 Turns out I forgot to put the wax (the blue stuff) on the saw.

Hammered my ring to bring the edges together.
Check out that tight seam!

I surged ahead and had already made a rough circle shape.
Jason was still sanding his stick of silver.

Jason finally gets around to curving his metal.

It takes Jason forever to hammer the two ends together.

So I take it from him to try to help speed up the process.
Oops, I hit it too hard, now he has even more work to do.
This is why we made our own and not each others. 

Two 'circular' rings of silver
 Some more hammering is needed.

We solder the ends together at the seam and try them on.
Hard to see the seams of solder in this photo but it is there.
We need to start sanding it away.

More sanding as well as using the buffer.
We both liked this part a lot.
Making them shiny!

Jason inspects our rings
after they come out of the ultrasonic cleaner

A close up of my finished ring.
Well, 'my' part of it is finished...

Right now my ring is still with the jewelers because I am having a chevron put into it, which was too advanced for our workshop. We brought Jason's home though, it looks awesome. His is basically the same as mine above but is thicker. Though technically the 'width' of the metal is the same and it is the 'height' of his ring that is bigger than mine, (but you get the picture.)

The studio took photos throughout the afternoon that they are sending to us later this week. Their shots will be better than the ones I got (and they have pictures of us using fire). We will incorporate a series of those ones into our wedding program.

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