Saturday, 27 February 2016

Please Remove Garbage And Dead Animals

So, not everything was in order when we did our final check at the house today. In fact there were a lot of issues that were not there a couple of months ago when we decided to buy the place. Some things must have got damaged during the moving process and some things didn't get cleaned up as well as we would have liked. There are still a couple of days for the sellers to hopefully deal with the following:

- Broken window at rear of the house (in the dining room)
- Broken glass in rear screen door (in the main kitchen) ​
- Broken glass in front screen door (in the porch) ​
- Missing window pane, front of house (in the porch)
- Fridge missing the back panel of the freeze (in the main kitchen)
Note: The panel appeared to be in another corner of the dining room, bent and unusable ​
- Fixture removed, hole in wall left with exposed electrical wires (in the main entrance way) ​
- Large hole in wall with exposed insulation (in the master bedroom)
- Cord strung from house to neighbouring house (west-side neighbour, cord runs across the front of the porch and along the east side of the house)
Note: We think this was used to share internet, cable, or telephone
- Rear downspout disconnected from eaves trough and removed from the rear of the house
Note: It looks like it is lying in the small passageway between the houses
- Replacement of expired smoke detectors Issue

There is also some remaining garbage, broken glass, and dead animals that we would like the seller to remove before we take possession, including:
- Dead rat (rear of house, on the patio)
- Dead bird (in the garage)
- Large wood cabinet (in the basement laundry room)
- Garbage (on the roof of the garage, in the garage, in the basement)
- Satellite dish (on the roof of house)
- Bricks and broken mirror (small passageway between the houses)
- Broken Glass (back patio, front porch, small passageway between the houses)
- Debris (behind the garage, southwest corner of the backyard) ​

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