Wednesday, 24 February 2016

But I Thought I Was A Kid

I don't really like coffee but need caffeine everyday now. In the mornings I have a Chai Latte or for a special treat an Ice Cap from Tim Horton's, then at lunch I have a Coke Zero. I can across a Buzzfeed Quiz that says that it can tell your age from your order at Tim Horton's. So I did it and was told that I am 43!! I can't believe it - I rarely go and I don't even get coffee, I get a coffee-milkshake-thing! That seems totally like I should be a child. Jason did the test and it said his Double Double and Boston Cream Donut order meant he was 22. So unfair!


Anonymous said...

I got and bagel. Weird that I'm the same age as someone who gets an iced cap ;)

- Teri

Anonymous said...

I got 43 too! Which was also surprising because I always order 1/2 hot chocolate & 1/2 coffee (because I think the coffee is kinda gross and chocolate is kinda delicious).... which I feel is what teenage girls would order. And timbits, because they're awesome bribery tools for toddlers!
Love T