Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A Family Of Artists

Jason and I are working hard to get our Wedding Website ready so that we can start sending out invitations. It will have lots of information on it, everything from suggested accommodations to dress code descriptions. Since we aren’t having a ‘conventional’ wedding, we don’t want guests to be confused as to what to wear. We asked the three bridesmaids (my cousins: Heather, Fiona, and Sarah) to help us depict appropriate clothing. There are different events in different locations, on different days.

For example, the Friday afternoon paperwork at City Hall is a very small group - just the wedding party and immediate family - but they can dress up if they want. Heather beautifully depicted this:

Then on Saturday, the big wedding day is super casual. The main venue is on Toronto Island (you need to take a ferry or water taxi to it) and the activities we will be having are what you would do at a cottage, beach trip, or picnic. However, people tend to be uncomfortable dressing that casually for something they normally think of as ‘formal’ like a wedding. We don’t want them to end up cold or uncomfortable so Sarah helped us show how dressed-down we would like people to be. (I also think these mannequin guys look quite attractive.)

Lastly, Fiona has created examples of casual outfits that make sense to wear to the dinner and reception that we are having at a local pub on the Saturday Night. I believe she also provided suggestions to Sarah and Heather as to the concept and style of the drawings.

These are just an example each of the drawings, they did more for us and they are all going to be posted on the website. I can't believe how talented my family is, all three are really great artists! It is making me more excited for the wedding.

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