Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Year Ahead

I decided to check out my 2016 horoscope (Gemini) online to see what it said about the coming year. This is a summary from the two major sites (my notes are italics and in the square brackets.) To make them more readable I have edited the wording to take out the planet references and moved the text into first person perspective.

I am a rising star in 2016, but it will take constant effort to avoid slipping back down. Am I up for this? Of course I am! My attention is zeroed in on making progress, getting and holding on to those things I love most [I tend to focus on holding onto things 'I love the most' every year], and on not being rushed into making decisions. This year, I will ask all the right questions and refuse to proceed without solid answers and information. [Yup, sounds like me every year.]

May and September may [may? well that means nothing] be my most accomplished and solid times. September [wedding month!] is especially potent. I can easily self-correct and nudge situations and relationships to where I want them. Home life should bring much satisfaction, and possibly some karmic insights, particularly in September and October. [I need as much house karma as possible, renovations and being a first time home owner are scary prospects.]

Family mysteries may be solved, or resolved. [Interesting, can't think of any that even exist at the moment.] Emotional ties and romance are empowered in November, but it may be December when I am the most intense, powerful, and effective. [Well, that's a long way away.] I can do great things this year!

I will run rampant this year. [I don't know what this means. How so?] As the year begins I need to stop in my tracks, review my status, and set a pattern for my behavior for the upcoming twelve months. [This is good advice, but I don't have a lot of time. I did try to reflect a bit during my time hiking in Peru.]

During times when testing is inevitable, there is no end to the targets: romantic unions, friendship, or career. I'll get in there and dig deep and this could be one of the most transformative years in decades. [Well a house and a wedding are both pretty big things.]  

I want my way this year [or every/any year] and will use any means to achieve that end. I have decided that my career must have more personal meaning, and look for more authenticity [I don't like this word] in all areas of my life. I will achieve inner peace with my home and family of origin. [Inner peace sounds good.]

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