Saturday, 9 January 2016

Recovery Weekend

I have learnt that it is too difficult to come home from a vacation the night before returning to work (or worse the morning of, which I have also done.) So, Jason and my flight landed in Toronto at 6:00am today and I have 2 full days to recover from my trip before heading into work on Monday morning.

Here are my plans:
- Nap to catch up from 3 nights of bad sleep (bus, plane, plane)
- Laundry, so much laundry
- Load the photos from my SLR, can't wait to see them
- Review the 300 odd emails that have accumulated in my personal account
- Go to a spin class to get back into regular exercise
- Pick up Two from Teri's
- Unpack not only from the trip but also Christmas stuff
- Update Always Standing with more details/photos from Peru!

Photo: The Inca Trail winding through subtropical jungle in the Andes' highlands of Peru. Photo by ME from my phone.

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