Sunday, 3 January 2016

Early Lessons In Peru

I am in Peru! I have wanted to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for a long time and Mom, Mike, and I were considering doing it as a family for the past few years but it has been difficult to arrange (Mike and Aimee keep having babies.) So, Mom, Jason, and I decided to stop stalling and book the trip. As this gets posted we will have met up with our G Adventures tour group and be driving towards our starting point for the trek. (I am writing this during the first few days of our trip, having spent some time in Cusco ourselves ahead of the official tour start.) Thus far, here are some things I have noticed:

- Peru has so many different geographic areas! From the coast to the mountains our 22 hour bus ride to get to Cusco from Lima went through sand dunes and lush forest.

- Toilet paper doesn't go in the toilet, there is always a small trashcan close by for it. This is super hard to remember because it is just instinct to throw it in the toilet bowl. I hope I am not destroying the country's waste water system with the number of times I have forgotten.

- It hasn't been that warm here. Our layover in Mexico City gave us a taste of why Canadians go south this time of year but we have been wearing long sleeved shirts for the most part in Peru.

- Altitude Sickness is a thing, we started to feel it even before our bus reached the 3,400 meter elevation in Cusco. Glad to have a few days to rest since we have been dealing with headaches and shortness of breath.

- It is important to negotiate the price of a taxi ride before getting in the taxi. This negotiation can involve some haggling depending on the departure and destination locations. It is not advised to get in assuming that the sign with prices posted at the airport will be the same price once dropped off at the bus station, we got charged twice what we expected. 

- The food is cheap and amazing. Jason and I have been eating in tiny restaurants or picking up food at the market and everything is delicious. Thus far everything has tasted very fresh and flavorful, but not too spicy. 

If you are interested in more details from the trip, stay tuned, I will keep posting about it! You can also check out my Facebook page where I have been posting food-related photos, or visit Mom`s blog, vicarious travelling, also linked on the left.


Jennifer Nuttall said...

Yes, I learned all those things too! I so remember haggling for taxis - each and every ride! We should have discussed this before you left. Also the TP thing... And the's from the altitude. I remember wearing lots of layers as it could get hot for a short period of time around noon but morning and evenings needed sweaters. Can't wait to hear about your trek to Machu Pichu! Oooh those stairs....and the sunrise when you climb to the top! Can't wait to hear your thoughts. xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing, so jealous. Take lots of pictures!
Love T