Friday, 1 January 2016

Casa Verde - Our New Home

Happy New Year! I wanted to start 2016 off with a big announcement – Jason and I bought a house!!! We are very excited and it was a grueling process, the Toronto housing market is insane. I was frequently upset and stressed during 2015, especially the past few months, dealing with the overwhelming task of trying to buy a house in Toronto; giving up and looking at places in the general GTA or even further away kept looking like a tempting option (though the market anywhere that is considered commutable to Toronto is pretty rough.) I am glad that we stuck with our goal to stay in The City. We have found a place that we are very happy with.

We were able to buy a detached 3 bedroom house in the Mount Dennis area. It has been named Casa Verde, which roughly translates to Green House in Spanish (the second most common language spoken in the area.) Right now old windows and lack of insulation mean that the house isn't very energy efficient and it is our goal to work towards making it a more eco-friendly property. Jason and I are also very 'green' when it comes to home owning.

There are a lot of renovations to be done, so even though we take possession in mid-March we probably won't be moving in until a few weeks after that. I can't wait to start posting fun Before and After shots of the renovations and decorating.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god so exciting! This process has been insane (and firmly established that I will always remain a country homeowner because of how stressful it was). I am so happy for you both - - Congrats! Hope you're enjoying every minute of your trip right now.

Love T

Jennifer Nuttall said...

Congrats!! That's awesome - I can't wait to hear more details! xx