Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sorry, Dawg

I have been meaning to post this photo forever. This is part of a real estate listing for a large house (semi-detached) that is for sale in Toronto. I kept worrying that it would sell before I had a chance to take a screen shot of one of the photos that appeared on the listing. Luckily, it has stayed on the market for an unprecedented two weeks. Tonight I made sure to capture the photo before someone buys the place, renovates the crap out of it, and resells it for twice as much.

It is currently in our "price range" and is in the best location of the few offerings that show up in our searches; however, this is due to the fact that the house looks terrible and is falling apart:
It has been divided up into apartments, and the tenants do not seem to be looking after the place, I suspect some drug dealing occurs regularly. But as fridge graffiti goes, the messaging is very sweet, "sorry, I ate all your food, dawg" is quite polite. Needless to say we are still on the hunt for a house to buy and this is one property that we are going to pass on for now.

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