Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Move Back On The TTC

Move to the back people! In buses and streetcars it is always more empty at the back. This isn't a new issue brought about by entitled millennials wanting to stand closer to the door, or busy yuppies with their briefcases and gym bags taking up aisle room, or even the recent influx of massive strollers blocking up the front sections - it is an age old issue. As this vintage TTC poster can attest to:
It just doesn't make sense to me. This morning there was a crowd of people in the bus I took along King St. to work (they have started to supplement the 504 Streetcar with buses). By the time I squeezed past all the people in the aisle and made it up the stairs to the back section there were tons of seats available. It should be a common etiquette rule that no one can stand in the main aisle until all the seats are taken and people have filled the aisle in the back section.That back section is just as good as the main one - just as many poles to hold on to, just as close to the rear door, just as wide. I don't get it. It is so frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating, I am not a huge fan of this sexist vintage ad from the TTC. Though I do enjoy it showing the men being really passive aggressive, and the kid crying (because that is another annoying thing that happens on public transit) though I feel like the girl is too old to be crying:

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