Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Still Mourning

Time does change how and when I grieve about my father. There aren't really surprise breakdowns anymore. I can control my crying better and know during a conversation whether it is going to upset me, then I can decide to steer it in a way that won't. There are still trigger words, phrases, and concepts that I find difficult.

Last night I was hurting and missing him so much. I wish I could turn times like that into actions that would be more positive or productive - focus on good memories, or documenting my thoughts into art or something. But really it is just pain and my reaction is to cry.


Sweeton said...

Sometimes you/I just need to cry. The grief builds up and it needs to be flushed.
Love you

Anonymous said...

You definitely need to cry sometimes and let it out. You are an incredibly strong person Chris. Love, Teri