Saturday, 10 October 2015

Like We Live Here

Yesterday was our first full day in Chicago. It was spent relaxing and sort of doing things that we would do if we lived here. Jason has a cold so I went for a walk in the morning to pick up some medicine at a pharmacy and grab us coffee at the local Starbucks.

The studio apartment we rented is across from a park and in the winter would have a view beyond the park to lake; you can't see the water because of the leaves on all the trees at the moment. The area is really nice, but far from the main area of the city. I keep referring to it as the Long Branch of Chicago, though Scarborough might be a closer comparison. A Metra station is right around the corner from where we are staying, this is the rapid transit for the region, like GO, and isn't connected to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). Even though the Metra would get us north and into downtown quicker, we have a 7-day pass for the CTA so just use that instead, sometimes taking a bus west to grab a train or using one of the buses that run along the lakefront.

We went grocery shopping, there weren't a lot of options near by and the place we went to was fairly expensive. (Lots of organic and fancy stuff, bit like a Whole Foods.) However, we were able to get stuff for breakfasts and dinners at the apartment, and things to take for lunches when we are wandering around the city. I didn't look closely enough at the AirBnB listing and it has a big fridge and some kitchen stuff, there is no real sink or anything to cook food with (not even a microwave or toaster.) It doesn't say that it has a kitchen on the listing, in fact that is crossed off as an amenity, I think I just saw the big fridge in the pictures and assumed.

After having some grocery store rotisserie chicken for dinner, Jason and I took transit to a Robot Date Night that we had booked. We built a couple of robots and won against the other couples in Robot Movie Trivia (ok, mainly Jason won.)

These Robots Can Walk
(Not invented by us, just assembled from a kit, still fun though!)

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