Saturday, 8 August 2015

Travel Diary - Saturday August 8, 2015

Date: Saturday August 8, 2015
Theme/Title: It's All Over
Overview: The San Diego Airport is right near downtown. It took no time at all to drive over there in the morning. We returned the rental car only to find out that the company charged us to add extra drivers (Jason and Greg) when they had previously said that they wouldn't. Teri went to get it corrected and was successful. We hung out in the airport waiting for our flight, I found a Starbucks to have a smoothie for breakfast. Had a direct flight back from San Diego to Toronto with no issues. Went through customs with  60 pashminas bought in San Francisco Chinatown for Jason and my wedding without a problem. Jason picked us up at the airport and drove us downtown for dinner at Greg's pop-up restaurant.
Meals: Amazing food at the August weekend pop-up for the restaurant concept Greg and his friend are working on - Satay Street is going to be a hit!
Highlight of the Day: Finding out we put 2,144 miles (3,500 km) on the rental car!

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