Wednesday, 5 August 2015

I Want To Be A Media Mogul

Today we visited Hearst Castle. Here is a post of quotes and photos to give you a sense of the experience.

A few months ago, 
while planning for our trip:
Teri: I want to visit Hearst Castle. It is at the bottom of the Big Sur area.
Me: Umm, sure. What is it?
Teri: It's the real life mansion made by the man Citizen Kane is based on.
Me: I haven't see Citizen Kane, is that the "rosebud" one?
Teri: Yes

The night before our castle tour, 
while watching Citizen Kane
Me: This movie is SO GOOD! How have I never seen this before. Hey! Are you even watching it?
Teri: I have seen it before. I am looking up stuff about Orson Welles, the movie, and William Hearst. Hearst did not like the movie.
Me: What?! He was alive when it came out? Yeah, that's insulting.

At the start of our tour, 
looking at the front door:
Me: It looks like a cathedral... It is a bit much. But designed by a female architect, which is super cool. Wahoo, go feminism.

Seeing the part Teri was most excited about,
Teri: Aw, it is all drained. I have the worst luck with pools!
Me: Closed for maintenance last night.
Teri: Or you know, when we were in Washington and the Reflecting Pool was drained for repairs?
Me: Oh yea, that sucked.

Wandering on our own after the tour,
the grounds are beautiful.
Me: Let's get a selfie with the ocean behind.
Teri: Haha, I thought we weren't doing selfies?
Me: No no no, it is no selfie-sticks. I am too lazy to ask someone to take our picture. Oh, let's also get a shot of our feet again, I love all the tile work.

Looking at the gardens,
admiring one of the three guest houses.
Me: Oh, my god! This is a guest house?
Teri: Yeah. Which one is it?
Me: I don't know. There is Casa Del Sol, Del Mer, and Del Monte. Sea, sun, and mountain.
Teri: It is based on the views. So that one over there is Casa Del Mer, it faces the ocean. That back there would be the mountain one, and that means this is the sun?
Me: I guess it faces the sunset nicely. I would totally live in this, as like a house.

As we were leaving,
The Roman Pool.
Me: Huh? There is a modern ladder.
Teri: Yeah, the family can still use the facilities. Even though they donated it to be a museum, the kids come back and swim and stuff.
Me: Man it would be cool to swim in a museum.

All photos above taken by ME with my phone
Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California, USA

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Sweeton said...

I love all the photos. I also haven't seen Citizen Cane. Guess I need to watch it.