Sunday, 26 July 2015

Travel Diary - Sunday July 26, 2015

Date: Sunday July 26, 2015
Theme/Title: Meet Up With Monica
Overview: Woke up early to catch our flight. Jason drove me to the airport to meet up with Teri. Flew to Seattle and were picked up by Monica and her boyfriend. A couple of quick tours of the city. A nice group dinner where I got to catch up with Rich.
Woke-up: 5:05am at Rrunuv Bayit
Transportation/Distance: Flight: 3,300km Walking: 4km
Meals: Tim Horton's at the airport. German pub food. Tacos at The Saint.
Highlight of the Day: Learning about "skid row" during the Underground Seattle tour.
Lesson Learnt: At Pearson Airport you go through American customs before boarding, so add that into the time to check-in, drop baggage, and get through airport security. Teri was not wrong about needed at least 2 hours in travelling to the US.
Movie of the Day: The DUFF, watched by both Teri and I on the plane, separately. Formulaic but enjoyable.
Quote of the Day: "Stripper Stuff" -- overheard by Teri from a passerby, we are very curious about the context
Night's Accommodation: Monica's spare room

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