Monday, 27 July 2015

Travel Diary - Monday July 27, 2015

Date: Monday July 27, 2015
Theme/Title: Brick on the Sidewalks, Blisters on my Feet
Overview: Even though the day started off with getting lost south of Seattle because we missed our stop while on an express bus that went on a highway and just didn't come off, meaning that we had to call Amtrak to adjust our train tickets, Teri and I enjoyed the train ride down to Portland. We also love Portland and have been walking a lot.
Woke-up: 7:00am Monica's apartment
Transportation/Distance: 50km on a bus to Tacoma (by accident), 250km by train to Portland, a lot of walking which has led to a blood blisters on the balls of my feet.
Meals: Hard boiled eggs at Monica's. Incredible taco salad from a food truck eaten beside a beautiful fountain. Irish coffee at Paddy's. Falafel from another food truck. Drinks on a chic roof top patio until we got too cold.
Highlight of the Day: Visiting the largest independent new and used book store in the world, Powell's City of Books 
Lesson Learnt: When using an unfamiliar transit system, always ask the bus driver if they are going to the place you think they are. Ask them to tell you when your stop is so that you don't miss it.
Quote of the Day: "welcome open late 7 Day" --- sign on a food truck, exact recreation, including strange use of capitalization
Night's Accommodation: A gorgeous studio style apartment booked through Airbnb, in downtown Portland.

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Sweeton said...

Adventures should have some misadventures, when no harm done. I'm really enjoying your diary. Say hi to Monica when you see her again.
Love Mum